The Perfect Match

This year’s Programming from the Community is impressive and choosing the right piece for yourself and viewing companion is often difficult. Things are made even more difficult by the fact that every neighborhood in Berlin is unique and there are always new corners of the metropolis to discover. That’s exactly how it is in our schedule of programming!Everyone who is looking to get out of their neighborhood and who wants to get to know another facet of Berlin’s independent performing arts community but isn’t exactly sure where they should go is in exactly the right place with The Perfect Match.

This year, the PAF team will guide you individually through the schedule of programming and has a whole bunch of tips for undecided visitors to the festival. Starting at the beginning of May, we are at your service via telephone for advice and to help you put together your own plan for the festival.We will announce the contact information for this service in a timely manner. In addition, you can already find programming in our schedule of programming that are a Perfect Match.